Brooke Banner

Les really isn't aware that Brooke doesn't like guys, but you can't blame a guy for trying right? Brooke is trying to get over heartbreak and Les will try and do anything to make her forget about it. But how will he do this?? Maybe he has to meet Brooke's other friend. Les seems hard to get! Come on Les, man up!! Brooke is very persuasive and has him to kiss her strap-on. Fuck after this point, the action gets going and we're sure you'll enjoy the pop shot!

Rebeca Linares

You can never tell with some guys. That dull intense ache in their nuts could be from their sexual longing for you. Either that, or cancer. Others bring to the table murky social retrospectives and the inability to provide straight answers to direct questions. In the case of Rebeca Linares, it wasn't until she had become emotionally involved with this gent that she learned how he once went under the name Blaise and enjoyed fingering the still active testicles of pre-op she males. Not so much the fact that Blaise nurtured women who resembled Vince Lombardi, was the matter of his being evasive about such activity, thought Rebeca herself a practitioner of the Elizabethan twilight lifestyle. To explain that in detail would require volumes. To the point, Rebeca, as a means of making one, enjoys dressing and painting men to resemble frumpy harlots and courtiers. And nothing better than a set of balls swinging from a bustier, Rebeca always says. Others would say it, too, but from their lips it would sound very strange.

Nikki Rhodes

Nikki Rhodes has been on hold for about 20 minutes and is getting a little impatient! Her in-call is about 2 hours late and fuck she looks really hot when she's pissed. Revenge is a Bitch if you ask us! 2 hours late doesn't it cut it with Nikki Rhodes. She's dominant and she's taking no prisoners. Watch her STRAP it on and fuck this pathetic little man in his tight asshole!

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