Jordan Kingsley

In French, Jordan Kingsley is the La Belle Dame Sans Merci- the beautiful woman without mercy bent on revenge. And so the question begs- would you rather have an ugly woman with mercy fuck you without a strap-on, or someone of Jordan's caliber packing a lethal sexual utility belt? It's not an easy question to answer as Fernando in the picture soon found out. That look on his face is one of abject terror. Cripes out loud, you'd think he was fucking Boris Karloff with Godzilla waiting in the wings. This is a beautiful woman, albeit a vengeful one.


Most men would do anything to be in the proximity of that ass. Knowing a good thing, Marlena knows what to do with it and so has her way with most gents. Being something of a sadist, Marlena enjoys when guys act stupid around her because she knows what's coming next. They're thinking what they're thinking. But she's thinking something else entirely. And that something else entirely equates to humiliation and debasement. In her first things first agenda, Marlena requires her men to put on a fashion show which means she's stretched out a few bra and panty sets along the way. But no matter. Next comes the makeup and a few other ridiculous glamour accoutrements to complete the picture. And guys will go along with this. They'll shove their balls and what-nots between their legs and pretend to be ladies. Though what comes next is hardly lady-like. And men with a cock in their ass are so predictable.

Lie Lani

As dominant as ever! Lie Lani stars is a NEW title called Revenge is a Bitch! Watch her lover lick, suck, and fuck the lovely Lie Lani, but in return, she straps it on and fucks the shit out of her lover's ass. All in a good days of work. Revenge is a Bitch!

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